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I think Jay-Z is awesome, and I think this interview is so interesting to watch because of the way he presents himself.  He seems hyper-conscious of what he wants to say and how he says it.  He’s wearing glasses and a scarf, which makes him look “smart”, or something, and he uses words like “Reaganomics”.  He’s been on Letterman a few times (and other interview shows), and he’s different each time, sometimes more like a rapper from the hard knocks, sometimes like a business entrepreneur, sometimes like a mega-star performer, but most times humble.

He grew up in the projects with a talent.  Now, he owns part of Barclay’s Center, in Brooklyn, and schmoozes with super powerful people.  Has he achieved the American Dream?  Does his money speak louder than his music?  Is he treated or perceived differently because of his race and background?

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