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Arnold Diaz investigated circle nightclub after receiving a complaint that the popular dance club in Midtown Manhattan is racist.

via Nightclub admissions.

It’s funny because I know this man, the African American one with the Asian girlfriend that’s just trying to get into a club and have a good time. His name is Patrick and I met him a few weeks after he filmed this, he told us about it. He was the nicest man, patiently explained the ridiculousness of the situation. I’ve never been to Circle before but I had no idea that clubs would blatantly shut out certain people because of their race.

The obvious issue in this discussion is race; we live in New York City, we’re more diverse than most other states combined. We work, eat, play next to strangers and people of different cultures and races. It actually sickened me a little to see this live on TV, on Fox News, and it disgusted me even more that the perpetrators were Asian Americans. In one of my previous semesters, I took Asian American studies and we talked about the model minority status that Asian Americans had over blacks in the United States. Asian Americans were still seen as minorities, but were looked to as a “model” for other minorities to follow, creating an inherent separation and stereotypes between minorities.

We’re in the 21st century, people. There must be something seriously wrong if we’re still shutting out African Americans from clubs. I spoke to a few of my peers about this broadcast, which everyone seemed to have seen. I spoke specifically to Asian Americans around my age to see what they thought of it. There was little surprise that Circle had rejected Patrick. Supposedly Circle also rejected people that didn’t look “Korean enough”, it all loaned to the character, the aesthetic of the club itself. The club had a certain standard or a certain look that they were going for. They’re advertised as a club mimicking those in Korea, giving people the Korean clubbing experience.

I’m just one to get really fired up about racial injustices, but that’s just me. I could probably ramble on until I start sounding crazy. What do you guys think? Are you surprised that this happens in New York?

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