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Women’s objectification in the media becomes more and more predominant.

Reading Liz’s blog post made me think back to when I took a Gender Roles class a couple semesters ago where I had learned about Goffman as well. Then I started to think about how women are more often than not represented as objects and commodity in the media. Sex sells (yes everyone knows) but why is  it that women are the only ones stripped down naked holding a can of soda, or a pair of shoes, or advertising a watch? In order to sell these objects women are displayed with little to the imagination. Women are often degraded and used to advertise objects and as Althusser might say “we are therefore interpellated as objects.” It is rather difficult to fight this due to capitalism and the consumer; people still continue to buy objects displayed on these absurd magazines. Therefore there is no need to change regardless of how demeaning many of these images seen on tv, magazines, even billboards, are to women.

–          I thought the rather disturbing image above was perfect in showing how women are displayed as commodities.