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In my criminology class one of my peers had mentioned the show “What would you do” and recommended we all take a look because it gave us a clear example of how racism is still executed in present day.

In this particular episode a dark skinned woman (actress) is shopping around in a clothing store in Soho. She is basically followed around by salesclerk being told things like “people like you come in and take things” or “I don’t need you in the store because I can’t keep my eyes on you.” The purpose of this experiment is to show how racism is still very much a part of life in present day and how viewers (in this case other shoppers) would react to it. A couple other shoppers responded to how discriminating the sales clerk was acting but majority don’t voice their opinion. When the salesclerk voices to one of the shoppers how the dark skinned female looked suspicious the shopper says something like “she probably played the black card right”. I was very disturbed by that particular because in many cases that is the truth, blacks act as victims because in many cases they are the victims to racism and discrimination. Studies show that blacks and Hispanics are more likely to be followed around in a store due to the stigma of “they are more likely to steal something because they can’t afford it”. Sadly as a Latina I have heard of many situations where friends of mine have been stopped for no apparent reason by cops and frisked, why? simply because they fit the “description” of someone who could possibly be confused as a criminal. It is clear to see how race is a very defining factor in how situations are handled. In this case the dark skinned woman was frisked inside the store in both scenarios when she was dressed up and dressed down. It is also sad to see that even though racism is being played out right in front of individuals faces they won’t speak up and choose to walk away. If society as a whole doesn’t come together to break down certain stigmas attached to certain racial group’s then things will never change. The minority (Latinos and blacks) will sadly always remain a target for the police and society compared to the “dominant group” (whites).