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Trackers on Students

The article above is about Texas school districts are having students wear tracking chips on their ID cards. The reason school districts are creating this track system is to have a better track of attendance; since attendance is important for schools to receive funding. Trackers are placed on livestock to know where the animals are every second and now trackers are placed on students to keep a track of them. I had never heard about this and find it completely inhumane. Schools are superstructures for learning not for children to feel like they are prisoners. Minors give up a lot of rights when they are on school campus and now they are basically being tracked as if they were animals. Students are tracked as they go to the restroom, tracked as they eat lunch, etc. If attendance is a big concern of school districts than other means should be implemented to have a better control of that. But trackers I find very degrading and as if students are now become another “number” and humans. I find it ridiculous that students fail to comply with wearing the tracker on their id will deal with suspension, fines or involuntarily be transferred to other schools. How would you feel if every student in Hunter College started wearing trackers on their IDs?