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Psychiatry’s bible, the DSM, is doing more harm than good

The Link for the article posted above deals with the ever increasing power of doctors and psychiatrists. I once took a class on Medical sociology and in it we learned a term called “medicalization” this term refers to the fact that many of the things that are considered normal within the individual are increasingly being diagnosed as problems that need medical attention. For example balding in men or as in the case of the article, labeling a women under much stress as bi-polar. There are many examples of medicalization in our daily lives but many times we fail to see them as power from the medical community being forced upon us.  This is done for many reasons primarily to keep health professionals in business and to get people to buy and consume drugs for the benefit of the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors are so well respected in our society that we may sometimes feel like everything they do is for our best interests but we should stop and realize that they too desire power and as in the case of the article their poor decisions can have serious implications for the well being of their patients