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Hello ladies I came across this article romney-i-offered-fried-chicken and just had to vent a little as to how disgusted it made me. I am not aware of the political preferences you ladies have and don’t mean to offend anyone, rather I feel offended myself and just want to vent. :]… now I am not sure how true what is mentioned in the article is but it still bothered me.

In this article Romney claims that he could have won the election if he offered black voters “government funded fried chicken”. How absurd does that comment sound to you? Because I simply see this as nothing but ignorance. How can the man who wanted to lead this country make such a blatantly stereotypical comment. Romney makes us (in reference to minorities) seem as individuals that don’t want to work hard for the things we obtain. When in reality it is the minorities who do majority of that manual labor that others don’t want to. It is the minorities who work hard to sustain their households and families, and are willing to go through whatever obstacle to make it through. For Romney to come and say that basically he could have convinced minorities to vote for him with certificates to KFC and Taco Bell is ridiculous. This along with many other reasons is why Romney didn’t have the vote of the minorities because he views us minorities as inferiors. In the eyes of Romney a white voter should take into consideration what each candidate has to offer and their positions on certain topics. On the contrary the minority is easily convinced with petty gifts like fried chicken, as if we were animals who follow whoever gives them food! According to Romney minorities are not intelligent enough to deal with serious issues. This article just reinforces how proud I am that my President is Obama!!!!!!! On that note goodnight ladies, sorry for the ranting :]