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Image search “babies”. For most of them, you can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl (they are just plain adorable).

From the video Liz posted (thanks, Liz!) Butler says gender is performative; it is not ‘natural’.  Well, one way I thought about it is, wearing clothes is performative, it is not ‘natural’.   We are born naked, not wearing a t-shirt and pants, or a dress.

So, here are two fashion models with gender.  Maybe their male gender and woman gender cancel each other out to make a no(n)-gender, or genderlessness, like when we’re born…

Transgender model Lea T (I didn’t want to offend anyone with the full photo here)

Androgynous model Andrej Pejic (middle)

Also, Transgender Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova??  A man is allowed to compete (after much debate) in the Miss Universe pageant!  I think we’re making some progress with regards to gender construction.

Lastly, there’s this really catchy song by Blur – Boys and Girls

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