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Foucault, Deleuze, Fanon and Spivak are four average high school students having a conversation about their English teacher while walking home from school.

FOU – Ms Smith shouldn’t be giving me this C. I don’t think I deserve the C. It’s just because she doesn’t agree with my analysis and only thinks hers is right.

DEL – She’s not a good teacher, the rest of the class hates her, I asked everybody.

SPI – You can’t speak for the whole class. I dont hate her and I’m pretty sure not everyone hates her.

FOU – Ms Smith just thinks that her answer is always right! And she gives students bad grades if we don’t think the same.

DEL – We should all go to the principal and say something!

FOU – Yeah!

SPI – You guys don’t even come to class half the time, you’re not even a part of the class, all you guys do is hang out and cut class with the popular kids! You don’t know what everyone else in the class is thinking.

DEL – Just because the cool kids like us –

FOU – …doesn’t mean you have to get pissed about it.

FAN – Cut it out guys. But you’re both right. Ms Smith shouldn’t be forcing her knowledge and her opinions on everyone.

FOU – See? See, Spivak?! He agrees with us!

FAN – But…on the other hand, I think Ms Smith is trying to have intellectually and academically correct answers. She cares so much about how she speaks and how she’s coming across as an individual, as a teacher, as someone’s who’s educated. She’s just a single, black woman just trying to work hard and live a decent life.

DEL – I guess so..but Ms Smith should probably ease up on us. She needs to hear us out. She needs to at least attempt to understand us as students.

FOU – Yeah, our opinions matter too.

SPI – Your opinions probably don’t matter as much as the entire class because they actually come to class! You both don’t know how the class is feeling about Ms Smith and you’re not listening to me!

DEL – I still think we should talk to the principal, rally up some kids and complain about her.

FAN – I don’t think that’s necessary. Maybe you should talk to her about yourself and ask about extra credit.

SPI – The class asked for it already when you all weren’t in class. When our class spoke up about her Scarlett Letter test and how hard it was, they were all really trying to make a point. But she really didn’t want to listen to us and didn’t give us any opportunity for extra credit.

FOU – See? We told you she was horrible!

DEL – Who is that waving at us?

Ms Smith is walking towards them, apparently heading home as well and waving. 

Foucault, Deleuze, Fanon and Spivak look at each other, embarrassed and run away.