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I am going to attempt to summarize What I gathered from Puar’s text although i definitely read it over a few times my understanding is still a little fuzzy. Here goes…

Puar thinks that the way Feminist use intersectionality in their work is problematic. Intersectionality is the way in which various social factors interact to produce an identity that is unstable or oppressed. The method of intersectionality has turned into a method  used to  discuss women of color or WOC. Puar argues that the production of the WOC always creates an other and as a result it recreates the same sexual difference that feminist are suppose to fight against. In this respect discussing feminist politics through the frame work of intersectionality alone is not helpful.  She asserts that feminist should also look at assemblages and what they do.  By focusing on the body itself in relation to all other things that it comes into contact with. She claims that the relation to the body and matter can produce an event, that along with the way we are already expected to act (intersectional)makes that event more likely to happen. The example that she gave in her essay was the way a man beat his wife while he was watching football. The husband did slap his wife but there were other “actors” involved in that incident such as the T.V. the game and the fact that the man was statistically more likely to hit his wife.  Puar thinks that looking at feminist issues under this light offers a different way of thinking about why they occur and how they can be prevented.

Ladies, please feel free to add anything or clarify any specific points especially that of assemblages because i found it difficult to clarify.